The Company

La Magdalena was established in 1957, becoming the leading manufacturer of Cardan shafts. Its production focuses on the agricultural sector, providing solutions both for original equipment manufacturers and for the distribution market.

From the beginning, our aim has been to collaborate with the customer, to know their needs and to put our technical capacity at their disposal to resolve any issue.

La Magdalena is an established and accessible company. A company that has grown and evolved constantly in recent years, which maintains tight control of its production, carried out at its two plants in Abadiño.

We seek the highest quality in our products. Quality in the designs, in the selection of the most suitable materials and control of supplies, as well when manufacturing and finishing our products. User safety is an extremely important aspect.

Currently, LA MAGDALENA is present in more than 60 countries, with this proximity to our customers allowing us to provide a comprehensive service that is quick and efficient.

LA MAGDALENA stands out for the speed with which it provides technical and commercial advice, as well as for its offer to customers of an unbeatable product range in the minimum delivery time.